Monday, April 5, 2010

I saw this, and I wanted it.

This is on my wish list. Fondue set from IKEA.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Welfare Food – Top Ramen

The icon of Welfare Food – Top Ramen. Yes, I go for the 24 pack, and it is only $3.98 in Wincos (Oregon/Washington Only), average about 16.5¢ per bag.

I want to say that, you can eat cheap and also health. For example, The cheap vegetable: cabbage, and it goes great with noodle.

Here is my first take on Ramen: with cabbage, turkey ham ($1.98/lb) and an egg.

Welfare Food.

I find myself buying package food under a $1 in grocery store, and my BFF said that they are all welfare food. So I am going to start blogging about my Welfare Food, or just being cheap...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back Track: XMAS 09 Spending

GAP had some big sell on the 21th of the Dec. I just could not resist the sale – 40% off; and let me tell you, I got some amazing deals. So here is the break down, and that includes post-XMAS sales.

GAP: $$169.30
EXPRESS: $$14.77 (My BFF got my a $30 gift card)
ROSS: $25.97
Game Stop: $43.96 (for 4 used DS games. Great Deal!)

Grand Total: $254.00

Friday, January 15, 2010


XANADU came to Portland, and I would not miss this chance to watch one of the gayest play ever.

I thought the Roller Skate, and the 80's short shorts was gay enough. Was there a lot more gay stuff. The best moment: Flying Pegasus, and Kira sang half of the song in the middle air on a Pegasus. When Pegasus was first descending from the sky, the girl sitting next to me (who was a complete stronger) and I said in unison: "Oh My Dear God!"

It was really cute and a lot of fun. (and it also confirm something for me: New Yorkers really hate L.A.)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Spending Report Sept. 21 – 27

09-21: none :)
09-22: Walmart: Car Battery $65 + cords & Fee $9; $3.47 (x2) window wiper = $77.84; Winco Foods $7.04; Gas $6.03
09-23: Winco Food (Watermelon) $3.18
09-27: Happy Hour at Henry's $13.13 + $5 (tip); Whole Foods $4.48

Total: $116.7

*I don't like to shop at Walmart, but they do have the best deal for Car Battery. I would spend twice as much if I went to Sear or some other auto shops.
** I did not really spend that much this week minus the Auto shopping trip in Walmart.
*** Just an observation, Winco Food has way better deal on food than Walmart.

Spending Report Sept.14 – 20

09-15 Winco Food $22.76; Happy Hour @ Hobo's $10 + $2 for tip; Carl's Jr. $2.99
09-19 Gas @ Costco $15. Costco (Food) $4.31
09-20 Winco Food $25.18

Total: $82.24

(Yeah! Another week under $100 0o0)